Anabell Ariah

Hello to you,

Being an Intuitive psychospiritual Councelor, Medium & Life Coach , I am supporting you in a way, to identify and remove mental, emotional and creative blocks to personal advancement.

I provide  one-on-one calls, to activate your full Soul-Beauty™, which is activating your full potential, your multidimensional self.  An alchemical activation for change.
My personal call with you also includes practical tools adapted to your needs, spiritual insights and coaching techniques which are helping you to become the person you want to be. 
Bridging your humenness with your divinity.


BEing your KNOWing in order to DO it fully in your every day life.



Hello to you,

my logo you can see here is part of who I am today.  I became Anabell Ariah through being active as a designer with my brand BelliBo. Through my creative work and also in finding solutions in designs, even in my life dramas, I was led into becoming an Intuitive Consultant, a psychospiritual Councelor, Life-Coach, Medium, called Solutionfinder, Blueprinter Technician, the «Expansion Change Agent from Beyond».   

Finding solutions in the material world and in the human world. Bridging the humanness with your divinity. The perfect tool to stay in balance & harmony and to life in joy.

a bit about my BelliBo logo:

The Heart is a powerful generator of electromagnetic energy producing the largest electromagnetic field of any organ. The heart has 60 times more electrical field than the brain. The heart field is also a transmitter. Our heart is a biological oscillator that can entrain other hearts even at a great distance. Both the heart and brain receives and responds to intuitive information, but the heart receive the information first. Heart rate increases prior to future emotional stimuliation. The heart processes emotional events seconds before the body experiences the events. The heart only knows Truth and it can not be fooled. Words spoken through our heart in any language is understood through the frequency which makes our heart hear the sound in vibration, energy tones. Your heart feels and knows love and love is the key and the way to enter in all dimensions.

The Earth is also called from us humans, Tara, Gaya, and is our mother earth. Without the earth we can not excist in our human body on earth.

The Sky is above and below, limitless, endless and all around us. The sky is our elevator to other dimensions.

The Tree brings us back to ourself, our physical and emotional body. Standing straight and tall, grounded and connected to our earth. The trees gives us our rainbow colour vibration of balance, piece, joy and love. The tree reminds us of „the tree of life“. The trees are our connector from above and below and help us to remember that, when we allow it. The trees work in balance and harmony with there neighbours called nature. Our perfect teacher to watch in silence and be unconditional loved. Trees and humans can work together and transmit love vibrations to each other and heal together. The trees vibrate love on the highest tone, seen from our human eye through colour in there being and existence.

The Word spoken oud loud in our vocal Sound, our unique Vibration in pure energy felt, heard from all beings. Any language and also language of the beyond, our past, called light language are energy words in codes, vibrating frequency. Spoken, written or even sung. The energy words are designed as a tool to create vibration, manistest our desires, is energy and sound through us. Light language has the capability to clear karmic miasms; blocked energy from ‘past life’ that sabotages and limits us. These energy transmissions through verbalising in light languages within us, listened, read or spoken even from others help to: realign energy circuits; balance body, mind and spirit; open soul memory & past life ability and open the heart into love. Our first Word was the word of the light, sound vibrations which goes back a long time. Today we remember again and are activated to vibrate our true souls light into our world through our pineal glands and our unique tone of our voice. Words spoken through our heart in any language is understood through the frequency which makes our heart hear the sound in vibration, energy tones.