Anabell Ariah

Hello to you,

Being an Intuitive psychospiritual Councelor, Medium & Life Coach , I am supporting you in a way, to identify and remove mental, emotional and creative blocks to personal advancement.

I provide  one-on-one calls, to activate your full Soul-Beauty™, which is activating your full potential, your multidimensional self.  An alchemical activation for change.
My personal call with you also includes practical tools adapted to your needs, spiritual insights and coaching techniques which are helping you to become the person you want to be. 
Bridging your humenness with your divinity.


BEing your KNOWing in order to DO it fully in your every day life.



What if your life is a unique masterpiece  that needs to be unveiled?

Looking back at my life today, it makes perfect sense that all my life I questioned a lot and was looking for answers, wanting to understand everything on a much deeper level. Everything I learned, studied and experienced in my life not only led me to understand the bigger picture of what life is all about, but also contributed to my masterpiece of art. A constant adding of color in my life, a learning, experiencing  and practicing it provided me. I understood that everything has its reason, its season and its timing; including the people we meet, like your life partners or friends,  conversations we have, learning another language and even adapting to different  cultures and different lifestyles in the countries we choose to live in. All my different  training’s started to make sense to me, on a much deeper level. I felt something was unveiling.

In the fall 2018, I went through a period of asking for help, guidance from above,  name it god, the beyond of the beyond. I wanted to find out the “why” behind the  reason for my constant search of more knowledge, more tools, practical applications  and my implementation plans. What was my life purpose? I felt a bit lost and judged  from so many people who did not understand why I was interested in continuing my professional development, advancing my knowledge, even experimenting in different  fields. People judged me as someone that doesn’t know what she wanted, called me  unsettled and erratic, but for me it was always about knowing that there was more out there to know and to learn, about seeing the whole picture, and not just the pieces of  the puzzle. I found that interesting, as I always knew what I wanted so it felt for me. My understanding was I felt that I had so many talents that needed to be explored.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Over  time, I integrated all my knowledge and training to help the people I was working  with. Becoming and being a designer, gave me the knowledge and tools to create,  transform something from old, to something new, or turn an idea into matter. It  taught me that everything is possible, for those who believe and stick to an idea.

My questions, when I asked for help two years ago, where very specific:

1., How can I find a better connection with my body? As I felt there was something  missing, a deep feeling of self love.

2., How does the work that I am doing, which I call “Dream Weaving” fit into the  bigger picture of my life?

3., How can I find a purer way in communicating in what I do and who I am, so  people understand me better?

While I was looking for the answers to these questions, I looked everywhere and read  a lot. Researching the word Dream Weaving on the internet, in fall 2019 on a Sunday  morning, while I was still lying in bed looking up the meaning and definition of the  term, I came across a TedX talk by Dr. Clint G. Rogers. Intrigued by the title, Ancient  Secrets of a Master Healer, I decided to watch it, not knowing what impact this would  have on my life. I was immediately fascinated by his way of speaking, by his clear  communication. The balance of mental-mind with our heart-mind was presented to  me.                                                                                                                                I was surprised that this talk crossed my path then, but today I understand the higher meaning of it. Do you also feel sometimes, that everything has its perfect timing?My third question, how to communicate clearer and better, was  answered right then. While I was watching the talk, I saw an advertisement of his still to be published book with the same title and clicked on it. I was very curious and wanted to know more as I felt very strongly that I knew this book to the extent that I got out of bed, walked to my bookshelf to look for it. I could not find it, which I  found strange, because I really felt that I had seen it before. I continued reading  about this book on my mobile, which led me to some questions: Do you want to be  one of the first persons being informed, when the book gets released? “How can that  be, I wondered,” when I hold the strong feeling that I’ve already read it and have it  somewhere?” There were some more questions before I finally came to the last one:  Do you see yourself as a writer/speaker? ‘Yes’, it came from deep inside, even though  I felt the fear and self-doubt coming up inside.

The final question was very personal to me. As I am a person following the inner  guidance, there were also moments in life, I remembered, when I gave in to the fear I felt inside and didn’t follow my intuition. We all know where this leads us to. But right  then, I decided to stop the fear and step over it: „Anabell, you know from deep inside, your inner voice is telling you, ‘yes’, so why not start to stand up to that deep fear of  ‘being seen and heard’ starting right now?” Despite my yes, I felt the doubt being  present, remembering my father joking so many times about my way of writing and  the many spelling mistakes I make. I am dyslexic and even my teacher in primary  school sometimes laughed about the new words I made up or words that I turned  around.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        After answering all these questions, I let go and moved on with my life, until one day,  at the beginning of 2020, when I received an email from Dr. Clint G. Rogers asking; if I was interested in attending the Global Miracle Healing Experiment? Being an artist, I love to experiment, so he got me there. What I didn’t know then was that the Global  Miracle Healing Experiment would be live Zoom calls. Still, my wanting to step out into my own full Soul-Beauty™, my goal was bigger than my fear, being exposed to all  these people attending this life call. I also had the inner urge that I had to find out  what this Global Miracle Healing Experiment was, and why is he providing this Global  Miracle Healing Experiment via live Zoom calls?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   On the first Zoom call I was so overwhelmed that I could hardly breathe and forgot  the connection to my heart. Hooked by Dr. Clint G. Rogers way of speaking, being  totally connected again with his mental-mind and heart-mind, I just listened, watched  and tried to let go. Today, after attending so many Zoom calls, I am very relaxed and  look forward to them and seeing all the faces, while holding inner peace and feeling  love and unity right then. It took me some practice and thanks to the honest feedback I got while on the Miracle Experiment calls, I learned to break free of my fears of being seen and heard.

Due to its action-based approach, I was attracted to the Global Healing Miracle  Experiment. I had to explain how I was led to his book and what I thought of it after  reading it. Thinking about wanting to change something is nice and is being pro creative, but in order to change something, or our current situation, we need to  implement these ideas, starting with an action plan, to start moving towards and  manifesting the results we want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wanting to break free of my fears of being seen, heard and learning to communicate  in a clearer way, I had to answer and talk about my experiences. Never in my life had  I done this, record what I say and hearing my own voice speaking. I did a video of  myself, learned it by doing and also knew that perfection only comes with practice. I  was stepping out of my boundaries, limits, fears, learning how the mobile and  computer technology works. All the way, I was helped and guided by Dr. Clint G.  Rogers and people from his team. The team helped me to break through my inner barriers, my own limitations, and fears of  being seen and heard. I can only say, wow, as all that started just not to long ago. So many changes, miracles, and healing have occurred, and what new outcomes in my life in such a short time.                                                                                      

Loss. One story on one of the Zoom calls really touched me. On this call, Michael  shared his deep pain about losing his brother just a few months earlier. His story  reminded me of losing my own sister to cancer. He gave me the gift in reflecting again on my sister Saskia. Just like Michael’s brother, she was gone just all of a sudden.  Thanks to his sharing of emotions during the call, I have experienced again,  that when we share deep pain, it always heals some parts of in someone else and  creates a sacred space to uplift, to let go, heal, feel, remember, surrender and love.  His story did it again for me. Reflecting back, my dear sister Saskia had the biggest  impact in my life as after her death I turned my life upside down and I started the  journey of living 100%.                                                                                                                              When my sister Saskia got really sick in 1995, she was only 11 years old, I returned  to Germany so I could be there for her. During my time in Germany, which I knew  wouldn’t be too long, I decided to use my time wisely so I trained as a hairdresser and also as a professional make-up artist, as I wanted to do more than equip a person  with nice pieces of jewelry; I wanted to bring out their beauty through playing with  different hairstyles, make-up, and connecting them with their true soul color as well. Saskia was only 17 years old when she died, I returned back to the designing industry  and decided right then that life is too short to just dream a dream, I took action and  formed my own designing company, BelliBo design, in 2001. A seeding had begun and  a new corner of my painting got some color added, seeding  the path of unleashing Soul-Beauty™.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Saskia was diagnosed with Hodgen’s disease when she was 9 years old and died at  only 17. I remember very well how she felt. I picked up on her holding back when I  visited her in the different clinics, so I asked a behavior therapist, what I could do to  help her. The therapist inspired me to share my emotional pain. So I did. We cried  sometimes together from that day on and expressed our sadness. When I felt the  sadness creeping up in her, I used it as a vessel to make her feel lighter. Let her cry  with me, while I opened my heart to share my love and pain for feeling so hopeless, of not being able to make her cancer go away. I often felt such deep sadness that she  did not even experience love with a boy, not having experienced all the crazy stuff I  had, when I was her age. Experiencing physical love with a man you love and sharing  all that which comes with it, is one of the best gifts I feel, being a human person.  Saskia never experienced this in her short life. Us sharing our pain, was a secret we  had between us. When Saskia passed away some years later, I returned back to  Germany, attending her funeral, as I lived at that time in New Zealand. During the  days being back in Germany, helping my parents to go through that difficult time, by  for example clearing out her room, I found my sister’s diary . I asked my mother if I  could read it, so I did. That reading changed my perspective and sensitivity on how I  am today with my clients, as I was shocked when I read her feelings written on paper. Hopeless she was, writing in her diary, that she knew that she would die, but playing  along for all her family members, to make us feel better. Feeling alone with her fears  of dying and pain, as she did not want to make us suffer more. Constantly holding  back, because she did not know how to deal with her own issues and not knowing how to handle her mother being in pain. Can you imagine how hard that must be? Having  the inner knowing that you will die, but keeping this secret packed in fears all inside  yourself? Me reading her words in her diary and experiencing 8 years of a child going  through living with cancer, took me 15 years to heal. My wanting to support women in need right then I remember very well, but I also knew that it would be in the bigger future. All these years after my sister’s death, till a few years ago, I did not know what to do  with all my extra training I did when I returned to Germany so many years ago, to  assist my sister on her path in 1995. So I just put it aside.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Today, my focus goes in a different direction: I work with DKMS, an international  cancer foundation, and hold seminars called “look good feel better”, work with women  who experience hair loss and bad skin; women who are unhappy with how they look. I also give seminars for young adults, holding seminars for Self-esteem project for girls and young adults in provding my LOOKING BEAUTYFUL™ seminars.

In 2016 my  seeds started finally to grow, which were planted in 1995 while staying in Germany  with my sister and using the time to do my hairdressing and make-up training.Today I call these seminars LOOKING BEAUTYFUL™ How all that would unfold, I did not know then, but the understanding came after  reading the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer”. «When you have a burning  desire, with big faith, commitment and discipline, then anything is possible» That’s  another quote by Baba Ramdas, and I am grateful that I’ve always held that saying inside me since I was a little girl. You can find it also written in the bible and it  is so true.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Today I know why it is so important to share the flow of emotions from our heart and  words, because it touches, moves, heals people when they hear or read it. Some even feel understood, loved, heard, and not alone in their experience. My own experience  has shown me that the biggest healing occurs when we share our emotions. This  learning was huge and was the result of my participation in the ‘writers and speakers  group’; and all this came after I asked for help from the beyond or God to my questions two years ago.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Magic happens, when we trust and have faith, each event leads us to the next; a  domino effect starts to happen, and miracles and synchronicity occur in our life. Then  I feel I am on my track, the path I’m meant to walk on and all feels just like magic;  everything is in flow, filled with love and happiness and I start to shine from the inside out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer” gave me the tools, the answers I was seeking for many years, and I felt now was the Divine time to understand the  connection between all the puzzle pieces or the different colors I had put together on  my painting I was working on. It is truly amazing for me to have understood it,  experienced it physically and emotionally, as I have transformed on all levels. I found  self-love, greater health, peace, balance and harmony in my life and resonating in my  own inner beauty. On top of that, by reading this magical book, I found a new way of  sharing my values and beliefs with my loved ones, how Clint shares this in his book in  a very nice and simple, organic way. Speaking and writing from my heart helds the  perfect connection from my mental-mind through my heart-mind. I broke free of my own fear to be seen and heared.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Last night my son came to me, hugged me and said:» Mama, I am so proud of you and so grateful that you achieve and stick to your desires; I have learned from  you that everything is possible with patience. Thank you as you also give me hope.» I  am grateful to have a son who speaks directly and clearly from his heart. It took me 3 years to get him to the school he is in now, and he is so happy to be in that  school now, as there are very limited spots available each year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  My daughter asked me when she was only 4 years old: “Mama, am I your  first child?” I was very surprised with that question and speechless at that moment, so much so that I took a long pause and replied back to her, that she was my second  child. She picked up on something and presented me with another gift of reflecting  my deep soul pain of losing my first-born son, Ben. For many years she came and  hugged me during the perfect time, when I was reflecting loss. I once again experienced in life loosing a dear family member. My first child.

The love for the first child is a feeling which has no words and will always remain deep within. The first child is as important as our first love we experience. When life took Ben away so suddenly, I was left once again in a space of not understanding. Why again loosing someone? Why me? Beating myself up and trying to find reasons to make the ‘why’ feel answered. Trying to find a  reason for it, trying to put the pain outside of my soul. I disconnected from my body,  the pain I held was too big. Hiding for so long behind my other face, called beautiful  make-up, held me together on many levels, to be unseen, locked inside with all my  soul pain I carried around. Some life experiences have no answer and sometimes the  answers or the understanding comes later in life. Letting go, was my hardest lesson to learn and that I can not control life. Deep healing accrues, when we share our pain  and make us seen. Could it be that all this was meant to be, so I could offer Soul Beauty™ to myself first, heal and then to others?

Colours and beauty, I’ve always been interested in as long as I can remember, as  well as working very practically with my hands. No wonder then that I trained as a  hairdresser, make-up artist, color-type consultant and also as a jewelry designer; all  four professions combined both my interests beautifully. I started my career in jewelry design, and for many years, I designed customized jewelry, designed for other fashion designers, and even had my own jewelry collection. All in using minerals, crystals or  gemstones I bought around the world and played with the colored treasures of the  earth. I expanded to also design other items such as bags and belts for other  companies, traveled the world by living and working in a few different countries. 

Colour was always me. How to bring out the beauty of a person with the right colors  for them, not only in colorful jewelry, but also in playing with different hairstyles,  make-up and connecting them to their true Soul-Color-Type was my aim. Today I hold the seminars LOOKING BEAUTYFUL™, sharing all my tools and knowledge, secrets I hold. Soon I  realized, there is a totally different aspect of beauty, the inner beauty, that needs to  be brought out very much, in order for a person to truly shine, to emanate their  unique Soul-Beauty™. Every person is like a painting, with different shapes, forms,  tones, colors and lighting, which can only become a masterpiece when all ‘ingredients’ like shapes, forms, colors, moods, depth, are mixed in harmony. 

In order to bring this out in a person, I felt once again that I needed to expand my  knowledge, to bring out these other aspects ‘ingredients’ of a masterpiece. Looking for a training that would provide me with the tools I needed, I discovered Systemic  Therapy, which includes different techniques and modalities from Behavior Therapy,  Psychotherapy, Family Therapy as well as Shamanic and Spiritual Practices, Family  Constellations, writing a proper family tree and much more. 

Becoming a Hair-dresser and professional Make-up artist, gave me the tools to  experiment with and to transform the outer appearance of a person. It allowed me to  experience and see what can happen in a person, when they see their face transform  right in front of their eyes, how many secrets lay hidden behind an unknown and  unfamiliar face, a face they didn’t know; a face they never really paid attention to or  looked at closely in the mirror. A connection with themselves in a completely new way started to occur. LOOKING BEAUTYFUL™ seminars started seeding in a new way. They discover beautiful features in their face, feel and see the  changes that impact their outlook, with a new-found appreciation and love for  themselves, and a new sense of who they truly are. To see the transformation  reflected on that person’s face, the transformation and shine, when they have found  their soul color, gives me a tremendous feeling of gratitude, that I can lead the  person to find the state of having found their style, way and soul color of shining into  the world.

Did you know that every person has their own unique color? Just as we  each have only once in the world, our personal unique DNA design, our uniquely color  we feel, look, and resonate the best that makes us shine. Witnessing a person going  through such transformation is pure magic and often feels like a gift from heaven, not  only for that person, but for me as well. The true Soul-Beauty™ begins to shine, when integrated and connected with their own activated soul-knowing of who you are, how to look after yourself and treat yourself, your inner wisdom emanates from the inside out. Self-acceptance, self-respect, self-worth, setting boundaries, inner peace,  eating behavior, exercise, recognizing our own needs and fulfilling them, self-love,  taking care of yourself. Vibrating Soul-Beauty™.

Becoming a Systemic Counselor or Therapist, provided me with the final tools for  this complete transformation: asking unexpected questions to help and support them  shift in the direction they want to go. Again, because of its action-based approach, I  was attracted to Systemic Therapy.

This is where I am today. I support people, give them hope, and help them find their  answers by activating their own soul wisdom. Real beauty comes from within and  emanates from the inside out. All the rest are only tools we can implement to make  our life more colorful and pleasant so we can feel good when we look in the mirror and see our reflection and see the reactions of others. Connected on all aspects of our  being: body, mind, heart and spirit, spinning in harmony on all levels. Then we  resonate in our Soul-Beauty™, from the inside out, seen and manifested in our  physical appearance and vibrations. Then we have arrived home in our self, feel One  and feel the I AM presence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Past. First, I had to heal on a much deeper level, to step fully out in the world and  present myself with my tools I have to offer. I had to break down first, heal on a much deeper level, on all levels I had experienced in my life so far, go back to all the  memories I held inside, re-experience them, feel the pain again, in order to heal to  understand the higher meaning behind it all. In order to break free completely, I had  to go back a few times in the past, bring the bits and pieces up from the subconscious mind and heal them all. Like when I gave birth alone to my first child, Ben, on my  bathroom floor in our house, when I was living in Tenerife, the Canary Island in 2007.  Not really knowing what to do but being supported and guided on my phone while  giving birth with a doctor on call through the process. When the ambulance finally  arrived, I had my son covered up and lying on top of my body, so he could feel my  warm skin and his head turned slightly to my heart, so that he could hear the familiar sound of my hear beat. He arrived in my 28 th week of pregnancy. I came to the  space of understanding, that life can not be controlled. It comes and goes and we do not always have answers for things which occur right then. My husband was also  called during my delivery of Ben, so that he could open the doors and gate for the  ambulance to come into our property. I realized the other day that  when the following incident happened it caused a very deep pain inside; one of the ambulance helpers had stolen my mobile phone while I was laying naked on the floor, covered in blood, holding my son in my arms not knowing what would happen next, had caused a very deep pain inside. It  shocked me in a way that someone could steal from someone, while I was absolutely exposed and helpless. I remember even now, that I turned something off inside me,  because being seen naked is for me the highest rank of offering myself to the other  person without protection, by letting all layers down to present my whole being of who I am. I knew right then, that one of the 3 people took my mobile as I knew where I  put it.

After coming out of my coma, due to losing a lot of blood, I was once again exposed  naked in the intensive care, but this time, when I woke up, I heard soft music in the  background. Some nurses humming away to the music and thankful, that I was living in a country where these details are okay. Two nurses came and started to wash me  with warm water, which felt very nice and loving, being touched and smiled at with the presence of love and tenderness. I cried in silence unable to speak. Again I was naked and then, I did not mind, and I remember my thought, of that I don’t care anymore if  someone sees me naked. I have shifted and disconnected from my body completely.

Wasn’t that my first question I had in fall 2018? Asking, how can I find a better  connection with my body? I had to heal once more so that I can fully be present while  supporting others now.

I think I already felt, saw, and understood the different levels of being quite well after  living through many experiences that most people would call negative.

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 27 years old.

I lost my sister to cancer when I was 29.

I lost my first-born son, right after giving birth to him when I was 35.

The Spanish economic crisis began 2008, right after giving birth to our daughter Yella.

One year later, in 2010 my ex-husband, after 25 years having his business in Spain, walked out  of it as it went close to bankruptcy. Since that day, which is now 9 years ago, he has never returned to his island Tenerife. We left Spain right then in 2010, when our new born son Tariq was 9 months old.

We left for the USA with so much hope; my husband  wanted to try a new business direction, but it did not work out. I was diagnosed with  burn-out, I was so weak I could not even hold a small espresso cup. I had been  pregnant for three years in a row, and my physical body was exhausted.

We left the States in 2011 after one year giving it a go, with only 4 suitcases. Arriving in  Germany, as no other country came into option to start with nothing again, the last  country I wanted to return to. The thought of ending my life often passed through my  mind the first years of living in Germany again. When I was 18, I felt that I did not fit  in and determined that I would never live there again.

In 2018, after being together  with my husband for 16 years, I made the decision to separate from him and start a  new life. The loss of my sister and my new-born son showed me how precious life is  and that everyday counts. You can’t stop life from happening.

Today I hold the sensitivity, empathy and understanding for people who hold soul  pain in need, because I can relate to them, as I walked the path of deep pain in  experiencing a lot of drama in my life already. We hold, as I feel for myself, all the soul memories inside and carry them with us from life-time to life-time, which sometimes  goes back a very long time, until we clear them. Today I feel free and at peace, having been introduced to a deeper way of healing myself. I hold gratefulness for all  experiences in my life and I am thankful for everything. The following quote really rings true for me:

Every adversity-every difficult situation or heartbreak-has within it the seeds of equal or greater benefit.” Baba Ramdas (Dr. Naram’s Master)

Answers to my questions, through participating in the Miracle Experiment, reading and sharing myself through writing and talking and following my inner guidance, I  have received from above my answers I was looking for two years ago. All three  questions were answered. Not only have I stepped out, but I have freed myself  from the very ancient soul pain I was carrying, which I also unlocked by changing my diet. Healing myself started to occur on different levels, but it is all related to the three questions I asked in 2018.

The fascinating thing is that parallel to the Miracle Game Experimen, Judy Satori the founder of  also had her live calls series happening, which were called -Breaking through-. The book «Ancient  Secrets of a Master Healer» and the series of Judy Satori happening at the same time gave me the deeper understanding that our behavior template goes sometimes a long  way back, even into our past lives. 

Through food and changing my diet, I could experience and understand the  links and set myself free from stored memories, which were ready to be seen first, felt again and then let go so I could transform. Siddha-Veda, the ancient secrets of deeper healing, were implemented to me in Dr. Clint G. Rogers book, a deeper way in healing. “Changing your diet, can change your tomorrow”, which I read in the book, left a  bright touch of color touch in my life. «It is about deeper healing and  discovering what works”

Words with the right frequency, authentically spoken from the head through the heart, provides a healing communication. This is  part of the transformation, the support I want to provide to others. 

I found the understanding of how all links together in my life and I feel deep gratitude to have come that far and having found my answers to my questions, I was asking from the beyond. Magic and miracles started to arrive, and many have accrued  since then.

Today I understand the whole picture, many are always talking about. Life is  like a painting that needs to be worked on; the first step is to get the canvas, the  brush and color ready. The added colors of events, encounter, conversations and  experiences in our life, are the brush stroke that adds color, depth and perspective  and is leading us to our finished art work of who we are, what we call life, and our own masterpiece. This is my journey. I went into my deeper layers of soul memory and  came out with gratitude for all I have experienced and I am very happy, at peace and  loving life and myself to the max with all the surprises I attract and create for myself.  Loving myself, my body, my mind and my soul, I feel whole. Every single person, who  has crossed my path or will cross it in the future, adds a sprinkle to my canvas, the wonderful people leaving comments on the my YouTube channel   and the beautiful humans who are in my life and cross my path. Now I  understand and it feels to me, that I have unveiled my masterpiece of my path called  life. Now I am also ready to provide all my life tools of learning’s and lead me to turn on my own Soul-Beauty’s™ light. All of them are adding a unique color to my painting,  my life, and to who I am.

I wish you much love, light and colour.

Colourbeautifullygiving™ from my heart to your heart

Anabell Ariah / Change Agent from Beyond