Anabell Ariah

Hello to you,

Being an Intuitive psychospiritual Councelor, Medium & Life Coach , I am supporting you in a way, to identify and remove mental, emotional and creative blocks to personal advancement.

I provide  one-on-one calls, to activate your full Soul-Beauty™, which is activating your full potential, your multidimensional self.  An alchemical activation for change.
My personal call with you also includes practical tools adapted to your needs, spiritual insights and coaching techniques which are helping you to become the person you want to be. 
Bridging your humenness with your divinity.


BEing your KNOWing in order to DO it fully in your every day life.


What is BelliBo by Anabell Ariah?

„ It is -colourbeautyfullygiving – do it like nature “ -Anabell Ariah- 

Colour was always me. My airn is to bring out the beauty/soul wisdom in a person with the right colours/tones for them, which I call Soul-Beauty™. Shining through you in your personal «look» and also from within activated with my one-on-one calls . I do that not only in colourful jewellery I design and the shell mirrors I do,     but also in playing with different hairstyles, make-up and connecting them to their true Soul-Colour-Type in being creative to create.  Through my work with BelliBo, I became Anabell Ariah. An Intuitive Consultant, the Designer, The Stylist and Activator of your Soul-Beauty™. An Alchemist.                                                          

Did you know that every person has their own unique colour? Just as we each have our individual place in the world. We have our personal unique DNA design. We have our unique colour, feel, look and resonate the best that makes us shine. Witnessing a person going through such transformation is pure magic and often feels like a gift from heaven, not only for that person, but for me as well. The true LOOKING BEAUTYFUL™ begins to shine, when integrated and connected with their own activated soul knowing who you are, how to look after yourself and treat yourself, your inner wisdom emanates from the inside out. Self-acceptance, self-respect, self-worth, setting boundaries, inner peace, eating behaviour, exercise, recognizing our own needs and fulfilling them, self-love, taking care of yourself. These are all vibrations of your own Soul-Beauty™.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I want to help and assist you in the genetic/human upgrade, to experience and be and feel included in a place of Devine Self-expression by adding increased mental capabilities, finding your personal individual techniques and spiritual consciousness, in understanding yourself to integrate that in your physical form, activating self-care widsom and being activated with your multidimensional self.

  “ The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions ”   and it depends even more on the quality of your answers » -Cornelia Merk- 

THE SHAMAN’S WAY TOWARDS HEALING combined with the keys of SYSTEMIC COUNSELLING. You know that health is not a medical intervention, but a life-long journey of healing that transforms a person’s destiny. We invite you to discover Shamanic tools and the keys of Systemic Therapy and ways, a system founded on the experience of Oneness that restores your inner harmony and brings about exceptional states of piece, joy and balance.

 „ When you discover what you want, archive what you want, and are enjoying what you’ve achieved, you become a nucleus with a ripple effect-                                           you start influencing the world in positive ways. “ -Dr. Clint G.Rogers-                                                                                            

 Real beauty comes from within and emanates from the inside out. All the rest are only tools we can implement to make our life more colourful and pleasant so we can feel good when we look in the mirror and see our reflection and see the reactions of others. Connected on all aspects of our being: body, mind, heart and spirit, spinning in harmony on all levels. Then we resonate in our Soul-Beauty™, from the inside out, seen and manifested in our physical appearance and vibrations. Then we have arrived home in our self, feel One and feel the I AM presence.

                                                                      „ God is within each of us, and we all have a purpose to discover “ -Baba Ramdas-

Sometimes it helps to find first „Your Way“ & „Your Look“ so you start here in attending the LOOKING BEAUTYFUL™ Seminars. By doing this, „looking good and feeling better“ you already start to rais your vibration, even loving yourself more, as you feel good about yourself. You connect to your unique beauty and appearance you have chosen for yourself this lifetime. I then invite you to explore the next step in reconnecting with your real Soul-Beauty™, which is your unique soul-wisdom, knowledge you hold within. Real beauty comes from within, the rest are only tools we can implement and play with.

                                                                     „ The best Make-up, is a women’s simile, shining through your heart » -Anabell Ariah-

Today I support people giving them hope, and helping them find their answers by activating their own soul wisdom. Being of service as an Intuitive Consultant. Every person is like a painting, with different shapes, forms, tones, colours and lighting, which can only become a masterpiece when all ‘ingredients’ like shapes, forms, colours, moods, depth, are mixed in harmony. Connected on all aspects of our being: body, mind, heart, emotions and spirit, spinning in harmony on all levels. It is at that point we resonate our Soul-Beauty™, from the inside out, seen and manifested in our physical appearance and vibrations.  I support you in activating your Soul-Beauty, I give live-calls in small groups, or one-on-one coversations.

Thinking, that you dont have the choice is an illusion, based on your human experience. When you have a burning desire, with sometimes a simple action plan, a bit of faith, commitment, discipling and courage, you can free yourself and move forward and anything becomes possible. Then your vibration raises and the illusion disappears of not having a choice in your life.

                                                          C H O I C E , C O U R A G E and C H A N G E

                                                  Why ?  Because you have the CHOICE, when you have COURAGE, then you have the CHANGE !  -BelliBo by Anabell Ariah-